Is Atfunk Santi´s alter ego or is Santi the alter ego of Atfunk? Impossible to define: fusion started in 2004 with a dance project called Deepcollective, along with Dj Sergi Ribas in which dance and house/tech –in other words, house for dance floors- managed to be all the rage in the main digital sales outlets, such as releases and collaborations in important labels such as Irma (Italy), Clubstar (Germany), Web Recording (Ibiza) or Seamless (U.S.A.).


Yet total devotion to funk music and the ease in which energetic and joyful sounds led him to turn into Atfunk: the natural evolution of the previous project fused with funk at its purest and most classical.


Renewing the most used instruments and effects of the Seventies, Atfunk experiments with its textures in the studio, applies modern techniques and manages, as if an alchemist, a proposal that is rounded and forceful, a new sound that is fresh and elegant, in which there is room for anything that represents rhythm and fusion: a new genre that will be called Electronic Funk..

Atfunk - Santi02 Atfunk - Santi05 Santi06 - bio06 Atfunk - Santi07


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